About US

JLOR BOUTIQUE came about as an idea in the Fall of 2016 by owner Gabrielle. The idea behind the name of the boutique was inspired by her now two year old son whose initials spell out J.L.O.R. One day her younger cousin made a joke about the pronunciation of his initials and from there the name stuck.

As a mother who experienced birth via C-Section back in 2014, dislike for my body image was a major point of depression for me. Here I was, someone who had always been the one to wear outfits that showed off and accentuated my body, and all of a sudden I had a body image complex. I had not gained a ton of weight in my pregnancy, so weight was not my issue. My problem was that whenever I took my clothes off I had this huge scar staring me in the face each time I looked in the mirror. I hated taking my clothes off and even went out and bought a one-piece bathing suit in exchange for my normal bikini's. At bed time I started wearing long t-shirts and sweats instead of my usual bra and panties set. To my boyfriend he felt I was being ridiculous but to me it was everything. I hated looking at this scar of mine.

It took me a while to realize that my battle scar was just that, a battle scar, proof of my strength as a woman to carry a child for nine months and bring him into this world on my own. There was nothing wrong with me for having this visible scar. I was no less attractive or beautiful for having it. Once I learned to embrace my body again I had a new confidence in myself. I did not require the validation or compliment of a man. I made myself feel good about how I looked. I gained my confidence and became a stronger mom in the process.

Love Always,